Illustration tutorial: How to Correct Bullet Journaling Mistakes

Discover quick tips to cover up common mistakes in hand lettering and illustration using different materials and techniques

Mistakes are a natural part of the creative process, and they certainly don’t have to mean starting over. Over the years, bullet journal artist Annie Weir (@a_journal_by_annie) has developed all kinds of creative solutions for covering up or working with the mistakes she mistakes while working.

Whether you’ve made a spelling mistake in your hand lettering, or you simply don’t like how an illustration is turning out, in this tutorial Annie teaches you how to fix common mistakes in your bullet journal. Watch the video below:

1. Cover mistakes with creative headers

If you’ve made a mistake in your lettering—for example, perhaps you start writing with the wrong size of pen—Annie’s first tip is to turn your error into a creative header.

Over the area where you’ve started writing, use a ruler to draw out a box, and black it out with ink. Then, write over it with your title in white. To draw and color your header box, Annie recommends using a brush pen to cover the area quicker. This type of pen also blends together nicely, so you won’t get a lot of streaks in the inking.

Once the ink is completely dry, Annie uses a gel roll pen in size 10 to write her new title on top of the black box. This way, the lettering really stands out. She recommends repeating this template for the remaining days of the week.


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